How Often Should You Paint Your Home’s Interior?

Everyone likes their home to look fresh and inviting. A nice, new coat of paint will provide those qualities to most any space. However, painting can be quite expensive and time consuming, so most homeowners only do it when things reach the point where it is deemed absolutely necessary. Here are three factors that can contribute significantly to how often you choose to paint your home’s interiors.

Previous Work

As with anything, the amount of care and preparation performed previously are major indicators in how long a paint job will hold up. Many people about to put their house on the market will give the interior a quickie painting that looks fine for a few months. After that, the problems start to become apparent, but by then, it is likely the problem of the new owner.

This is a very good reason why you need to take your time, do thorough prep, and use high quality materials when painting your home. If not, be prepared to do it all over again after only a couple of years (or even less).


If you live alone, chances are your walls won’t need a fresh coat for a number of years. If you have children and/or pets, the possibility of wear and damage increases considerably. While damage can occur to any room, some are more likely to be in need of painting, such as bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms and hallways, because people spend more time there. Generally, these spaces should be painted every 3-4 years. If you have children who like to color on the walls, however…

Changes in Your Taste

Sometimes the deciding factor may have nothing to do with previous work or wear and tear. Some people reach a point with their home where they just need a change. This may involve adopting a brighter color scheme or a more subdued one. Also, the arrival of a baby may prompt parents to give the entire space a fresh look that compliments the addition of its new resident.

Writen by Kevin