Illustrating My Life Through Colour

Hello everyone!  My name is Kevin and I’m a graphic and sketch artist who also dabbles in painting and other collaborations from time to time.  I’ve lived my life entirely through colour.  At the age of 5, I painted my first portrait of my father.  After that, painting and sketching just became a way of life for me.  Both my parents are artists, so I guess it would make sense that I become one too.  If you’d like to see some of my work, I will upload some of my work in the Photos category.  Feel free to go take a peek!


Although I’m a full time commission painter, I also do a lot of collaborations.  It peaks my interest to change things up from time to time.  I love the challenge of providing a original piece of artwork to someone, and it’s even harder when you’re not working on it alone.  However, the team environment really encourages me to get out more and spend time with others.  So far, I’ve always been illustrating my life through colour alone, but I’d like to venture out and do more collabs.  Please get in touch with me through the Contact page if you’d like to do a collaboration!

Writen by Kevin