More On Collaborations

Since I talked about how much I wanted to do more collaborations, I thought I would expand and explain what a collaboration for me is.  A collaboration work or commission would be one that I along with a team or others work on something together based on the client’s vision.  For example, one collaboration I did was with a home painting company.  They were hired on as a service and their client wanted something specific on one of their interior walls.  The painting company then collaborated with me to design this work.  After designing and making sure the client was happy, we got to work on the wall mural that I had drawn down on paper.  That, to me, was my first collaboration.


I would love to work with more painting companies like that one.  I feel that a wall mural is a much more extensive piece of work than painting or sketching on a canvas.  There are some Toronto painters – The City Painters, specifically, that I would love to collaborate with.  I believe in that they always present the best quality work, and I would love to be a part of that.

Other collaborations I’ve done are with graphic design artists.  They will usually get me to design something they want, and then they will base their computer graphics off my work.  All collaborations requires extensive planning because it’s not just me inside my head.  Typically when I’m working on something, I will have a vision, but it will change as I continue to work.  With collabs, I’m usually required to design something and it can’t be changed.  That’s also something I need to work on because my mind is always evolving, whereas if I’m working with someone, I need to be consistent.

My favourite type of collaborations would definitely be wall murals or even house paintings.  You get to chat with someone and look inside their heads for what inspires them.  That being said, I haven’t collaborated with many Toronto exterior house painters.  I think that is a different type of work and would love to get into that as well.  I hope in the future my collaborations with others will expand, and I’ll be doing a lot more than I am now.  I would even love to get into graffiti art and working outside my environment.

Writen by Kevin